Succeed with LeadershipPro™ that develops values-based leadership. It helps students to grow emotionally, socially and intellectually, and creates greater awareness of ethics and leadership roles in business and society.
LeadershipPro™ Middle School edition is a one-week outbound program for Middle School students (Class 6-8).The program is designed in four modules to inculcate critical thinking, hard & soft behavioural skills, and formulate value system to help participants grow as enlightened leaders.
LeadershipPro™ Senior School edition is an up to 4 weeks residential program, designed for Senior School students (Class 9-12). The program is designed in four modules to build enlightened leadership and decision making skills through Socratic dialogue, case studies, communication skills, soft skills and adventure sports.
LeadershipPro™ University Edition, an up to 4 weeks residential program, is designed for college students. The program will develop values-based leadership, grow students emotionally, socially and intellectually. With instances drawn from society at large, students get a better grasp of ethical leadership.
LeadershipPro™ Lite is a values-based, embedded leadership program that imparts leadership skills through creating the right balance of knowledge, skills and attitude in middle and senior school children. It is a learning platform where participants will begin exploring and evolving their own leadership abilities through dialogue, projects and experiential learning.