Shine with ProHire , Aspire's flagship product, uses a proprietary “Knowledge-Skills-Attitude" framework to provide comprehensive employability training. Available in 6 editions- ProHire™ Classic(UG/PG),ProHire™ Classic Express (UG/PG), ProHire™ Lite (Classes 9-12), ProHire™ Leadership (Classes 9-12), ProHire Foundation (Vocational students) and ProHire™ Foundation Express (Vocational students), the product enhances employability and life skills in schools and colleges.
ProHire™ Classic is designed to enhance the employability and effectiveness at the college and university stage. It strives to bridge the gap by providing an all round training to students covering Aptitude Skills, Life Skills including Personality Development & Communication Skills, Industry Skills and Leadership Skills.
ProHire™ Express is designed to enhance the employability at the college and university level. This 40 sessions program prepares students to face interviews by filling the gap between job aspirants' knowledge, skills and attitude and recruiters' demands, identified through extensive industry research, by providing training in English Language and Communication Skills, Personality Development, Aptitude and Interview Skills
ProHire™ is a 100-hour training program for vocational students that enhances their personality, behavioral and communication skills, and prepares them for the world of work by developing critical problem-solving abilities and corporate skills.
ProHire Foundation Express is a 40-hour, fast-track, introductory program for vocational students on effective communication skills and personality development. It develops awareness and confidence in students to face expectations of workplace, enhancing their employability